Our 2018 DJs so far are:

Deb Waltenberg - Sat Night DJ
"Hola everyone, I became a DJ from my love of tango music and dance, I am a regular DJ at the twisted hop Milonga in Christchurch and I have been a DJ for several overseas teachers and other tango events. My passion for tango music grew from my trips to Buenos Aires both dancing and listening to the beauty of tango at the traditional milonga halls. As a tango dancer I like to feel emotion on all levels, so when I DJ I love to see the tango orchestras and singers work their magic on the dancers. My preference is for the more traditional orchestras and of course I have my favourites but I'm very mindful of playing music for all tango dancers. For me when I DJ I try to take the dancers on a journey so I look forward to you joining me in Auckland where we can share the journey together."
Deb has also Djed at my other Seasonal Tango events Summer Tango in Nelson and Winter Tango in Hanmer

Maida Zanaboni - Auckland
"I arrived in NZ , from New York City, in December 2001 with my music collection.  That was the beginning of my DJ journey here. Listening to and collecting music is my bliss. The dancers joy, when they are dancing to a track that they connect to is my joy. As a dancer myself, my personal taste goes into my choice of music. In all our travels, I always make it a point to return here with new and interesting tracks that I've heard from other DJ's, around the world. My aim is to keep the energy high and leaving the dancers wanting more." We took forward to having Maida farewelling us at the Sunday afternoon milonga.