Anton Stanley - Brisbane
Anton Stanley is a well respected and experienced DJ specialising in Traditional music with reputedly the best sound system in Brisbane. He is also the creator of the Faces of Tango website where his photographs are displayed.
During his five extended trips to Buenos Aires, Anton underwent tutelage by professional Dj's Mario Orlando and Marcello Rojas and has travelled extensively to Tango Festivals and Milongas in Mendoza, Wellington NZ, Portland and Seattle USA, Vancouver Canada, Sydney, Canberra, McLaren Vale, Bundanoon, Byron Bay, Port Macquarie, Adelaide and Cairns.
Anton is currently Host and Dj at the First Friday Milonga and is Co-Host and Dj at the Duelling Dj's Milonga. He is also Co-host and Dj at the major events of the New Year's Eve and Australia Day Milongas. Anton has been a Guest Dj at the Adelaide and Sunshine Festivals since their inception, Bundanoon, Byron Bay and at the Tangonut and Los Joyas Milongas.
As an experienced Dj, Anton does not use CD's or  prearranged playlists, he chooses his tandas in real time, in accordance with the 'feeling' of the dancers on the floor at the time. And while he is a predominately Traditional Dj, he has some excellent Nuevo tandas in his extensive repertoire.
Anton has a fine ear for sound quality and arranging the tandas, and above all, a great love of sharing the music we all love so much.