2018 DJs were:

Iain Fyfe - Wellington - Friday Night

Iain is a tango dancer and DJ from Wellington, New Zealand. He began his tango addiction in 2007 and travels regularly to festivals, encuentros and milongas all over the world. Iain is a guest DJ at not only Summer Tango but also Winter Tango in Hanmer, Spring Tango in Auckland, the New Zealand Tango Festival "After Party" and the Port Macquarie Tango Festival.  Although an avid collector of tango music, including rare recordings published in Japan, he believes that the DJ’s role is to keep the dancers happy, primarily through playing great quality Golden Age music in a variety of styles.

Maida Zanaboni - Auckland - Saturday Afternoon
Dancing has always been an integral part of Maida's life. She has been blessed to learn from the master teachers and performers of tango and salsa. In New York Maida participated as a dancer in Tango documentaries shown on New York television. She has performed salsa and tango in various New York dance venues and New York City sponsored events along with teaching salsa and tango. Maida has also had the privilege and honour of performing solo on the stage of the famed Carnegie Hall, as a principal dancer of the " Antranig Dance Ensemble" featuring ethnic dances of the world, (Russian, Armenian, Greek, Arabic). She also toured and performed with the troupe extensively in the USA.   Maida now lives in Auckland where she teaches, organizes Milongas and runs her Tango clothing business.  We are very lucky to be dancing to Maida’s DJ skills at our gorgeous outdoor milonga.

Deb Waltenberg - Christchurch - Saturday Night
Deb became a DJ from her love of tango music and dance. She is a resident DJ at Sunday tango in Christchurch  as well as guest DJ at local and national events and most recently Spring Tango in Auckland .
Deb's passion for tango music grew from her many trips to Buenos Aires ,dancing and listening to the beauty of tango in the traditional milongas.
Over the years she has built an extensive collection of tango music and although her preference is for the Golden Age music ,there are some other very special pieces that she share's from time to time.

Deb likes to see the tango music work its magic on the dancers and is always mindful that a DJ has to watch the energy of the dancers and adapt the playlist.

She likes to take the dancers on a musical journey and looks forward to joining you at Summer Tango in Nelson.

Anton Stanley - Brisbane - Sunday Afternoon
Anton Stanley is a well respected and experienced DJ specialising in Traditional music with reputedly the best sound system in Brisbane. He is also the creator of the Faces of Tango website where his photographs are displayed. During his five extended trips to Buenos Aires, Anton underwent tutelage by professional Dj's Mario Orlando and Marcello Rojas and has travelled extensively to Tango Festivals and Milongas in Mendoza, Wellington NZ, Portland and Seattle USA, Vancouver Canada, Sydney, Canberra, McLaren Vale, Bundanoon, Byron Bay, Port Macquarie, Adelaide and Cairns. Anton is currently Host and Dj at the First Friday Milonga and is Co-Host and Dj at the Duelling Dj's Milonga. He is also Co-host and Dj at the major events of the New Year's Eve and Australia Day Milongas. Anton has been a Guest Dj at the Adelaide and Sunshine Festivals since their inception, Bundanoon, Byron Bay and at the Tangonut and Los Joyas Milongas. As an experienced Dj, Anton does not use CD's or  prearranged playlists, he chooses his tandas in real time, in accordance with the 'feeling' of the dancers on the floor at the time. And while he is a predominately Traditional Dj, he has some excellent Nuevo tandas in his extensive repertoire. Anton has a fine ear for sound quality and arranging the tandas, and above all, a great love of sharing the music we all love so much.