Your 2019 DJs were:

Deb Waltenberg - Christchurch - Friday Night
Deb became a DJ from her love of tango music and dance. She is a resident DJ at Sunday tango in Christchurch  as well as guest DJ at local and national events and most recently Spring Tango in Auckland.
Deb's passion for tango music grew from her many trips to Buenos Aires, dancing and listening to the beauty of tango in the traditional milongas.
Over the years she has built an extensive collection of tango music and although her preference is for the Golden Age music, there are some other very special pieces that she shares from time to time.
Deb likes to see the tango music work its magic on the dancers and is always mindful that a DJ has to watch the energy of the dancers and adapt the playlist.
She likes to take the dancers on a musical journey and looks forward to welcoming you to Summer Tango in Nelson on our opening night.

Maida Zanaboni - Auckland - Saturday Afternoon
I arrived in NZ , from New York City, in December 2001 with my music collection.  That was the beginning of my DJ journey here. Listening to and collecting music is my bliss. The dancers joy, when they are dancing to a track that they connect to is my joy. As a dancer myself, my personal taste goes into my choice of music. In all our travels, I always make it a point to return here with new and interesting tracks that I've heard from other DJ's, around the world. My aim is to keep the energy high and leaving the dancers wanting more.

Marian Mcguire - Christchurch - Saturday Night
Marian has been teaching at Floorspace Tango in Christchurch since 2004. She DJ's the weekly Wednesday milonga plus one off events such as 'Midsummer's Night Tango', '007 TANGO' and 'The Importance of being Ernesto'. She has made numerous trips to Argentina and her DJing style is coloured by her experience at the milongas of Buenos Aires combined with what she feels will keep dancers on the floor on the night.
As a teacher Marian concentrates on close hold tango, with particular emphasis on how moves can be inventively adapted on the crowded floor using the music as inspiration.

Craig Barkwith -Wellington - Sunday Afternoon
Craig is based in Wellington and has been teaching classes of tango for seven years, in the ‘milonguero style’, within the school Tango Del Alma, with his wife Regine.
Craig and Regine have organised and run The Free Fringe Milonga for the past six years where Craig’s skills as music provider have been honed.
His tastes in tango music are based mainly in the ‘golden age’, with some tandas easing into the 50’s with some very popular, danceable tunes.