Milonga” is the term used for social tango dancing. It is an opportunity for tango dancers (tangueros) of all abilities to dress up, get together and socialise while dancing! The milonga goes for 3-4 hours, and has songs grouped together in 3s or 4s (tanda) and you dance the tanda with one person and then you have a wee break (cortina) and choose a new partner! Confusingly at first, milonga is also a type of dance. So we may see you for a milonga at the milonga!

The next Milonga is 21 June - our Mid-Winter "DRESS UP TO THE 9's MILONGA"
Trafalgar St Hall, 67 Trafalgar St, Nelson

Mid-Winter Milonga

HanmerTangodancers 2019

2019 milongas