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Here's what past participants had to say about our tours:

"Thank you Anne-Maree and Quique for a memory making tour. Appreciate the organisation skills." - Lyn (Nelson)

"Thank you Anne-Maree & Quique for a Wonderful tour! 10/10" . Home safe and sound! Wow!! I am so pleased that I decided to join your and QQ for your tango tour. What you offered was far above any expectations. I never thought I'd even get on the dance floor! Especially at Canning!! The way you looked after us! Kids in wonder of BA and its sights. Marji (Nelson)

"To those amigos I missed giving goodbye hugs to(thoughtful big hugs 😊).Big hell yeah baby to our tour afficianados- senorita Anne-Maree and senore Quique, awesome! Till next Tango time peps Hasta la vista baby !" - Jo (Nelson)

"Hi guys. Thanks for a great experience this past week. Thanks to those who reached out in friendship and inclusion.
QQ & AM - a well planned & executed program of activity." - George (Sydney)

"Muchos gracias for a great time Quique and Anne- Maree. Really appreciate the amount of time, effort and experience that went into organising such an event for such a large group of tangeros." - Jeanette and Kevin (Brisbane)

"Thankyou Anne-Maree and Quique. Others have said it all, you organised a wonderful experience for us and it's very much appreciated. What was especially good was that you provided not only a dance experience but also offered us a glimpse of BA, the city.
As for my fellow dancers, I very much enjoyed your company (for someone with lone wolf tendencies that's big). I thank you all. Morning debriefings at Ricks over breakfast were a joy..... even if that damned cat couldn't be won over. A tear may have been shed on leaving.... even if it was a tear of pure Argentinan Malbec." Sheryl (Auckland)

"Hi Quique and Anne Maree. We can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful experiences in San Martin and BA due to your hard work and creativity. The bandoneon surprise was the icing on the cake! Thanks to all our new Tango friends too. We hope to share more experiences with you in the future. Until then - Adios and fond Abrazos." - Terry and Susana (Darwin)

"Anne Maree and Quique, thank you for the most wonderful tango experience andBs As adventure. So exciting and so professional. I am so grateful for such an exceptional experience. Hope to see you again soon." - Julie (Gold Coast)

"Thank you A-M and QQ for all the fantastic experiences and such a wonderful job well done. Thank you all for your company and friendship. " - Mark and Julie

"Muchos gracias A-M y QQ for a most wonderful encounter. I also enjoyed meeting all the tangueros and look forward to seeing you, a la pista, somewhere, some day... Disfuta…" - Saysana (Sydney)

"Quique and Anne Maree, I feel so lucky to have been on this tango experience with you. You are wonderful thoughtful people and well done for organising such special times for us . Thank you to the tango friends who helped make the local experience even better . I hope we all cross paths in milongas somewhere . " - Ann (Perth)

"Anne Maree & Quique thx for a fabulous trip. I will remember this for a looooong time. Your organisation was amazing and it was great to meet everyone." Linder (Auckland)

"Hi Anne Marie, I just wanted to say a very heart felt gratitude and appreciation for all your effort in making the BA trip happen. All your attention to detail, organisation, (and bucket loads of patience) has made this such a wonderful trip that allow people to connect. Your generosity in time and effort had build such a wonderful tango community. Very inspirational." Hui (Auckland)

"Thank you Blas and Cecilia. Patagonia was wonderful and your joy and generosity in sharing Tango will stay with me." Lesley (Brisbane)

"💗 to Cecilia and Blas! Anne-Marie, thank you very much too! I enjoyed every single moment in San Martin!" - Jane (Sydney)