Your 2019 DJs

Marian MacGuire - Christchurch - Fri night
Marian has been teaching at Floorspace Tango in Christchurch since 2004. She DJ's the weekly Wednesday milonga plus one off events such as 'Midsummer's Night Tango', '007 TANGO' and 'The Importance of being Ernesto'. She has made numerous trips to Argentina and her DJing style is coloured by her experience at the milongas of Buenos Aires combined with what she feels will keep dancers on the floor on the night.
As a teacher Marian concentrates on close hold tango, with particular emphasis on how moves can be inventively adapted on the crowded floor using the music as inspiration.

Monica Vonesch - Dunedin - Sat Afternoon
"I started DJing very soon after starting learning tango,  and this made the learning curve steeper, but also very enjoyable. Same applies for the first trip to Buenos Aires, soon followed by 2 more. The music I play would fall into the Golden Age denomination (a lot similar to Carlos Rey'), something that would translate as 'oldies, but goodies'.
Have been DJing in Dunedin since 2014 and am looking forward to keeping you on your feet on Saturday afternoon at Hanmer Springs."

Deb Waltenberg - Christchurch - Sat night

Debs became a DJ from her love of tango music and dance, she is a regular DJ at the Casa Republica Milonga in Christchurch and has been a DJ for several overseas teachers and other tango events. Her passion for tango music grew from her trips to Buenos Aires both dancing and listening to the beauty of tango at the traditional milonga halls. As a tango dancer she likes to feel emotion on all levels, so when she DJs she loves to see the tango orchestras and singers work their magic on the dancers. "My preference is for the more traditional orchestras and of course I have my favourites but I'm very mindful of playing music for all tango dancers. For me when I DJ I try to take the dancers on a journey so I look forward to you joining me in Hanmer at the Sat night milonga where we can share the journey together." Debs will be coming from djing at the NZ Tango Festival - so we are in for a real treat!

Brendon Varcoe - Nelson - Sun morning
"Music and tango is a big part of my life. Like a lot of people when I found tango or when it found me, it really changed my life a lot and has led to many wonderful experiences and being part of an incredible community of people.  Each week I do the music for the weekly Thursday night Community Practica in Nelson.  Also I have been playing Bandoneon for about 7 years now including playing at the New Zealand Tango Festival last year so it’s very interesting to hear the music from the point of view of a dancer and a musician.    
I enjoy dj’ing a lot, and I spend a lot of time working on the music, preparing and organising it to try and make it the best experience it can be for everyone.  Generally I try and play a range of tango music that’s enjoyable and memorable to dance to.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone in Hamner this year and look forward to spending an enjoyable Sunday morning together sharing our passion for this amazing dance."